Kolkata is seen as the land of the intellectuals. Communist in ideology and very politically aware, Kolkata was the capital of British India before Delhi assumed this position.

Kolkata developed from a fishermen’s' village to become one of the largest cities in the world. The city symbolizes creativity and vibrance with all the modern amenities available. Kolkata has adapted to the modern trends and techniques of the world but has not shed the leisurely life style and the calm of its hey days.

Kolkata has the country's first Metro railway and some of its buildings are more than a hundred years old. While Kolkata is a city of enduring charm, it is also a city that evokes extreme emotions. So be ready to give in to it or hate it completely.

A city with b cultural, literary and religious flavors, Kolkata acts as the gateway to the North-East.

Population: About 14 million

Climate: Kolkata is located at a point where the river Hooghly merges into the sea. In fact, the whole region is part the great Gangetic delta. The climate of Kolkata is largely influenced by the sea. The daily tidal waves and frequent rains accompanied by high velocity winds, has now become a part of life in the city. Kolkata has a very tropical climate with the summers being hot and humid. The temperature seldom crosses the 43-degree barrier and in winter, rarely goes below 8 degrees. Monsoons are timely and heavy. Winters are the best time to visit.

Main Language(s): Bengali, hindi and English

Time Zone: GMT + 05:30

Phone Area Code: 033 Best Time To Visit: Between September and March.

Airport Distance from City Center: 22 kms Taxi Rates from Airport to City: Pre-paid taxis available for Rs. 135 to city centre

Finding good food at reasonable prices in Kolkata is no problem at all. From breakfast and snacks to multi-course meals, Kolkata has plenty of places one can dine at. Bengali cuisine, especially seafood is a must-try. If you have a sweet tooth, the Bengali sweets are a treat. However, there are plenty of fast food joints and restaurants that offer varied cuisines.