Tashi Air Pvt Ltd has been set up under a Board consisting of three family Directors, Tashi Group and Mr. Tshenchok Thinlay, Executive Director and CEO as a Member Secretary.   Mr Wangchuk Dorji, Vice Chairman of the Tashi Group has assumed the role of the Chairman of Tashi Air Pvt Ltd.   Under his leadership, a management team consisting of aviation experienced experts is being recruited to establish a sound professional aviation company with a mission to serve the nation in offering a safe and a reliable airline in the country. The operational team is led by Mr. Phala Dorji , as the Chief Executive Officer  (CEO) Tashi Air Pvt Ltd. a retired Director General of DCA, having over twenty-five  years experience in the Aviation sector.


Tashi Air management team consists of a well chosen experienced technical team comprising of Capt Tenzing Tshering , who was the first ever Bhutanese Pilot with over 25 years of flying experience with notable Bhutan experience, heads the Flights Operation Division.  Mr. Kriengsak Junseng,  a Thai nationality with a Master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering having over  15 years of experience in engineering, QA, Planning and line maintenance and typed rated for A320s  is the head of Engineering Division.  The QA’s post will be held by a already identified QA experienced person, presently working in an airline, will join Tashi Air by end of April 2014.


 Mr. Ugyen Tenzing, with over 12 years experience working in the national airline Drukair in finance and commercial now heads the Commercial division of Tashi Air. Mr. Yeshey Wangchuk, with 8 years of experience as a Sr. Marketing Manger and Station Manager in Drukair now is the Deputy General Manager of Commercial Division. The Finance Division is headed by Mrs. Dawa Lham, who has years experience in finance with STCBL (State Trading Corporation of Bhutan Limited). Tshitrim Dorji who was earlier heading the IT Divison in Drukair is now heading the IT division of Tashi Air. The rest of the support team are all in place and most are with aviation experience who has worked earlier with the national airline Drukair.


The present Flight Crew for the international operation  are all provided by the wet Lessor and our recruited Captains and Bhutan experienced First officers ( earlier who worked with Drukair) are presently attached with the Wet Lessor’s crew Team for operation in Bhutan. The much needed set of Crews for the dry lease operation are all earmarked and identified  and will be in place  at the start of dry lease operation by April 2014. The new recruits will be carefully selected and trained in local procedures to ensure the highest standards of safety  being maintained by Tashi Air.


Tashi Air will also be recruiting additional cabin crews shortly to slowly substitute the present wet lessors cabin crew over the period. Tashi air has already recruited four Cabin crew members who are attached with the Wet Lessor’s team  and will need to recruit  five more additional cabin crew members to complete the 3 set cabin crew requirement for the dry lease operation.  The Cabin Crew Incharge will be headed by Ms Yangki Wangmo, who has over twenty-five years working experience with the national Airline Drukair. She brings with her many years of experience and trainings, which she will help to build the Bhutan Airline cabin crew team to the highest standard as desired.  These new recruits  will be in place by April 2014.


Two more Captains and one more first Officer are required to be recruited to complete the 3 set crew requirement for Tashi Air Dry Lease operation. These are all in the Plan  and prospective candidates have  been identified and will be join Tashi Air soon.  Tashi Air will  only recruit pilots with extensive experience and these will be slowly integrated into the Lessor’s crew in the remaining period of the wet lease  to provide as much local experience and knowledge as possible.