Bangkok- Thailand

Bangkok is a wonderful kingdom and its the capital of Thailand, when the royal court relocated from the city of Ayutthaya, which had been left in ruins following years of conflict with the Burmese. The city occupies 1,568.7 square kilometres (605.7 sq mi) in the Chao Phraya River delta in Central Thailand, and has a population of over eight million, or 12.6 percent of the country's population.

The final move marked the beginning of the Chakri Dynastry. Rama I named the new capital Krung Thep (City of Angels).Thailand is a wondrous kingdom, featuring Buddhist temples, exotic wildlife, and spectacular islands. Along with a fascinating history and a unique culture that includes delectable Thai food and massage, People of thailand follows the Buddhism and  people are compassion, friendly tolerance towards any religion. Thailand’s “land of smiles”

Thailand's weather is ruled by the tropical monsoons, with a rainy season from June through October, and a dry season beginning in November. Average annual temperatures are a high of 38° C (100° F), with a low of 19° C (66° F). The mountains of northern Thailand tend to be much cooler and somewhat drier than the central plain and coastal regions.

Travel Guide
Bangkok getting into car is not a good idea, as you can easily waste half a day waiting in traffic just to get to the other side of the city. Three major highways lead to Bangkok from all directions of Thailand. The best way to get to Bangkok from Northern Thailand is driving on Phahonyothin Road (Route 1), which comes from Mae Sai near the Myanmarese border

By Bus
When buying tickets for buses out of Bangkok, it's best to skip travel agents and their private buses, and get the tickets for public buses directly at Bangkok's three public bus terminals. These buses are cheaper, safer, faster, more comfortable and won't scam you onto a clapped-out minibus halfway along the way or to a bedbug-infested hotel at the end.

By minibus
For travelling to Bangkok suburbs or locations within 200 km of the city, the fastest and often the cheapest way is to use public minibus (minivan) services. They are running from parking lots situated besides the Victory Monument square (facing the monument itself are the city bus stops, behind it there is a small market, and behind the market you will find many white-coloured minibuses just parking at the roadside and waiting for passengers). They depart when full, usually each 10-30 minutes.


Deserves a visit simply for the Disneyland space-ageness of it.It will be cheaper, faster, clean, safer. Bangkok's insane traffic and pollution, the Skytrain covers most of downtown.

By Taxi

Metered Taxi
Metered taxis are a quick and comfortable way to get around town, at least if the traffic is flowing your way, but be warned that Bangkok taxi drivers are notorious for finding ways to run up the fare for foreiners; insist that the meter is used, and if the driver claims that your destination is closed, that he doesn't know where it is, or if he tries to take you elsewhere, just get out of the taxi. All taxis are now metered and air-conditioned: the hailing fee is 35 baht and most trips within downtown cost less than 100 baht. There are no surcharges (except from the airport), even at night; don't believe drivers who try to tell you otherwise. A red sign on the front window, if lit, means that the taxi is available.
When the meter is switched on you will see a red '35' somewhere on the dashboard or between the driver and you.



Phuket is a city situated in  Islands, Thailand. It is a small town with an active economic centre, appealing colonial architecture and riveting beaches. Phuket is also famouse place for the tourist around the world.
The city is characterised by a tropical monsoon climate with year-round warm temperatures. Phuket with two  climate dry and wet, owing to the monsoon winds. April to May is the hottest and October and November are the coolest months.The name ‘Phuket’ originates from the word ‘bukit’ which means a hill. Phuket city is an interesting blend of traditionalism and modernism. Its growth-oriented economy consists of tin mining, agriculture and marine products.
Chiang Mai
Thailand's second-largest and second-oldest city, Chiang Mai is far removed from the  Bangkok( Capital). Chiang Mai is sprinkled with hundreds of temples, and wherever tourists venture they'll see pagodas peeking up over the tree line. Most of the hotels in Chiang Mai city center offer views of nearby temples and shrines.s is also a great place to learn about Thai culture. At relatively low cost, tourists can enroll in cooking, language, yoga or massage classes. Guided meditation retreats to mountain monasteries are also popular, as are visits to elephant camps, including the conservation project, Elephant Nature Park and animal zoo and draws hundreds of visitors a day. ourists based here can arrange treks through the northern jungles; adventure activities like rock climbing or mountain biking; and homestays in remote hill-tribe villages.  You can also see the bhutan" botanical garden.

The Grand Palace

Grand Palace is a complex of buildings at the heart of Bangkok, Thailand. The palace has been the official residence of the Kings of Siam (and later Thailand) since 1782. The king, his court and his royal government were based on the grounds of the palace until 1925. The present monarch, King Bhumibol Adulyadej (Rama IX), currently resides at Chitralada Palace, but the Grand Palace is still used for official events. Several royal ceremonies and state functions are held within the walls of the palace every year. The palace is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Thailand. the Grand Palace is made up of numerous buildings, halls, pavilions set around open lawns, gardens and courtyards. The Grand Palace is currently partially open to the public as a museum where you can see Temple of the Emerald Buddha. E, but it remains a working palace, with several royal offices still situated inside.


Main language

Thai and English.

Time zone

GMT +7

Phone area code


Airport distance from city centre

It takes about 30mins by vehicals.