Airport Lounges

An airport lounge is a facility owned by a particular airline (or jointly operated in the case of an alliance). Many offer private meeting rooms, phone, fax, wireless and Internet access and other business services, along with provisions to enhance comfort such as free drinks and snacks. At lounges, passengers also find more comfortable seating, quieter environments and better access to customer service representatives than in the airport terminal.


First Class Lounge will also be offered to International First Class and top tier passengers. Premium Class Lounges are usually more exclusive and will feature extra amenities over Business Class that are more in line with the concept of an airport lounge. In the few cases where an amenity is offered only in the Business Class Lounge, Premium Class passengers are permitted to use the Business Lounge if they wish. In any case, anyone with Premium Class Lounge access almost automatically has access to the Business Class Lounge–such as if a traveling companion is not in Premium Class and cannot be brought into the Premium Class lounge as a guest–though lounge agents may get confused when passengers choose to use a lesser amenity than they are entitled. In most cases, airlines will offer Premium class passengers a free pass to their standard airport club. Some airlines may also offer Arrival lounges for passengers to shower, rest, and eat breakfast after coming out of an overnight long-haul international flight.